Scaling your sales team or looking to improve your sales game? Training programs are just as crucial as identifying A+ hires - without proper training, even top talent can take 2x longer to ramp up.

This isn't just for managers... if you're a top sales rep in your company looking to take your team (or career) to the next level, this is for you, too.

Join DataFox Sales Director Ben Brockland for some tips, tools, and playbooks for training a growing sales team.

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Takeaways will include:

  • Case study: DataFox's training process and timeline

  • Tips for training outbound vs inbound sales reps

  • What to include in your sales playbook (and what to omit)

  • Metrics and dashboards that help sales teams prioritize and perform

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Ben Brockland (Speaker)

Head of Sales


Bastiaan Janmaat (Moderator)