Success in growth equity is all about finding that diamond in the rough. You're looking for healthy, high-growth businesses that, for whatever reason, remain under the radar and haven't already been picked over by 100 other investment firms.

Finding new growth equity targets requires resourcefulness and creativity, but also efficiency in screening and monitoring the thousands of companies that cross your radar.

As former associates in growth equity and M&A, Bastiaan Janmaat and Mike Dorsey (Co-Founders of DataFox) developed some hacks for finding and screening high-growth companies.

Takeaways include:

  • How to find and screen conferences efficiently

  • Pro tips for tracking and sharing company information

  • Suggested tools you can use to make the process easier

This on-demand webinar is for analysts and associates at growth equity firms looking to minimize grunt work and find more efficient, effective ways to discover high-growth companies that fly under the radar.

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Mike Dorsey

Former M&A associate

Bastiaan Janmaat

Former growth equity associate