Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) Modeling

How to build a data-driven process that results in a faster path to revenue.

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How confident are you that your operations team understands the attributes of your ideal customer? An ambiguous or overly simplified Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is problematic - if it hasn’t been clearly defined, your sales and marketing teams will spend time on the wrong accounts. By using a data-driven process to uncover patterns within your existing customer base, you can validate your ICP criteria and be confident you’re on a faster path to revenue efficiency.

Join SiriusDecisions as they report on the market landscape for account selection and learn how Talkdesk uses a predictive model of their top customers to surface significant traits indicative of top-tier prospects. Key takeaways include:

  • How to define ICP criteria
  • How to validate the significance of ICP traits
  • How to identify data points predictive of high-value accounts
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